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Infallible Pharma | INFADOBU INJECTION
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Brand Name : Infadobu

Generic Name : Dobutamine Injection IP 250 mg/5ml

Pack Size : 5 x 5 ml Ampule

Dosage Form : Injection

Strength : 50mg/ml

Therapeutic indications : The primary action of dobutamine is to augment cardiac contractility by stimulating the β1 receptors of the heart. It is a direct-acting agent.
This is indicated for adults who require inotropic support in the treatment of low output cardiac failure associated with myocardial infarction, open heart surgery, cardiomyopathies, septic shock and cardiogenic shock. Dobutamine can also increase or maintain cardiac output during positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) ventilation. Dobutamine may also be used for cardiac stress testing as an alternative to exercise in patients for whom routine exercise testing cannot be satisfactorily performed. This use of dobutamine should only be undertaken in units which already perform exercise stress testing and all normal care and precautions required for such testing are also required when using dobutamine for this purpose.

Pharmacotherapeutic group : Adrenergic and dopaminergic agents

ATC code : C01CA07

Pharmacodynamic properties : Dobutamine is a sympathomimetic agent with direct effects on beta -adrenergic receptors, which confer upon it a prominent inotropic action on the heart. Dobutamine differs from dopamine in not having the specific dopaminergic properties of dopamine which induce renal mesenteric vasodilatation; however, it has some alpha and beta -agonist properties. It is reported not to have indirect sympathomimetic effects. The inotropic action of dobutamine on the heart is associated with less cardiac accelerating effect than that of isoprenaline.


February 12, 2022